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Alibhai-Brown decries the media culture that exacts a devastatingly high price, both from women in the public eye and from those who look to them for inspiration.

A representative for Netflix did not respond to an email inquiry about whether the film will include a link to treatment resources.

Some (like Zimbardo) blame video games and porn, others (like Rosin) suggest that men are less capable of adapting to the rapid social demands of the modern workplace.

Some blame feminism for blurring gender roles and leaving men without any clear sense of masculine identity.

Critics have zeroed in on the film’s protagonist: a young, thin, white woman with anorexia, a prevailing narrative in pop culture despite the fact that eating disorders vary (binge-eating disorder is actually the most common eating disorder in the United States) and affect people of all backgrounds.

“It reinforces stereotypes about what an eating disorder is and looks like,” one survivor told , based the film on her own battle with anorexia and bulimia, which began in her early teens.

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“At the same time we want it to be entertaining, so we were balancing a lot.” Noxon wanted to avoid one trope in particular, “this idea that the perfectionist quality of anorexics is their most defining trait,” she said.

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